Thinking about adding a shed to your garden in Ireland? Great idea! But before you grab your toolbox, you gotta know the planning law ropes. Here’s a guide to help you through the maze and make sure your garden shed project goes off without a hitch. A local garden centre can advise you on most ideas mentioned here.

1. Know the Exemptions:

  • Some small structures can dodge planning permission under “permitted development” rights. For garden sheds, the exemption usually includes size and placement criteria:
    • Not higher than 4 meters.
    • Doesn’t stick out in front of your house.
    • Not forward of the front wall or beside a road.
    • Floor area stays under 25 square meters.

2. Size and Where It Goes:

  • If your shed fits the exemption rules, you’re likely good to go. But always double-check the size and placement guidelines from your local planning authority.

3. Looks Matter:

  • Even if your shed is exempt, make sure it looks the part. Consider materials, colors, and how it fits in with your home’s style.

4. Special Areas and National Parks:

  • If you’re close to a Special Area of Conservation or a National Park, expect extra rules. Check with the local planning authority for any specific regulations in these zones.

5. Historic or Protected Areas:

  • If your property is a protected structure or in an architectural conservation area, brace for stricter rules. Talk to the local planning authority and maybe get professional advice if things seem tricky.

6. Chat with Local Authorities:

  • Before you start hammering, have a chat with the local planning authority. They can spill the beans on your property and let you know if planning permission is needed. Most places have planning offices or online resources to help you out.

7. Follow the Rules:

  • Not sticking to the planning rules could mean trouble, like having to tear down your shed. Play it safe, make sure your shed ticks all the boxes, and if in doubt, get a pro to help.

8. Pro Advice:

  • If your shed project is more complicated or you’re feeling a bit lost, talking to a planning professional or an architect is a good call. They can give you the lowdown based on your situation and help you sail through the process.


Adding a shed to your garden is cool, but you gotta dance to the planning law tune. Get to know the rules, talk to the local authorities, and when in doubt, get a pro on board. With the right steps, your shed will be a welcome addition to your property. Good luck with the build! 🛠️🏡